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Combustion Boat (97 mm x 16 mm x 10 mm)
L x W x H: 97 mm x 16 mm x 10 mm. The combustion boat is widely used in labora..
Ex Tax: $7.55
ITO Glass (50mmx50mmx0.7mm, unpolished, 20Ω/sq)
L x W x H: 50mm x 50mm X 0.7 mm; sheet resistance: 20 Ω/sq. Unpolished   ..
Ex Tax: $10.50
300mm x50mm x 90micron Silicon wafers
300mm x 50mm x 100 micron mono-silicon wafers.P type ..
Ex Tax: $18.99
ITO (100g)
Evaporational materials; weight: 100g; size 1-5mm; purity:99.99% ..
Ex Tax: $165.00
CdTe is widely used to act as absorber for CdTe/CdS solar cells, size: 20-35µ; purity: 99.99%, we..
Ex Tax: $85.00
ITO Coated PET (20cmx30cmx0.175mm, 200Ω/sq)
 Features and Benefits The polyester film products comprise sputtered ITO, and exh..
Ex Tax: $25.50
Rotary Mo target with size outer diam x inner dia x L (<300mm) 99.95%
Xumatic supplies various Mo sputtering target, the price is reasonable. Please be advised th..
Ex Tax: $105.66
ZrO2 (100g, 99.99%)
Evaporational materials; weight: 100g; size: 1-5mm; purity: 99.99% ..
Ex Tax: $22.00
Se (100g, 99.99%)
Se powders are one of the most important materials for CIGS solar cells production. Size: 20-35µ;..
Ex Tax: $49.00
FTO Glass (100mmx150mmx3.2mm, 10Ω/sq, Tranmittance more than 77)
L x W x H: 100mm x 150mm X 3.2 mm; sheet resistance: 15 Ω/sq.   ..
Ex Tax: $99.99
CIGS Particles (100g; 40-50 microns)
Xumatic Inc offers CIGS family particles for CIGS solar cells fabrication. 100g;   Size..
Ex Tax: $350.00
ZnAl Target
Size: dia 3" x th 1/4", purity: 99.99% ..
Ex Tax: $125.00
Crucible(H x top dia: 47 mm x 48 mm)
 H x top dia: 47 mm x 48 mm. The combustion boat is widely used in labora..
Ex Tax: $12.85
ITO Glass (50mmx50mmx1.1mm, polished, 40Ω/sq)
L x W x H: 50mm x 50mm X 1.1 mm; sheet resistance: 40 Ω/sq. Polished   ..
Ex Tax: $9.50
2" Silicon wafers
2" silicon wagers; type/dopant, n type; phosphorous; resistivity: 1-40 orientation <100..
Ex Tax: $9.99
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