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Planar Tungsten target with size L x W x Th (8-10mm) 99.95%
Xumatic supplies various W sputtering target, the price is reasonable. Please be advise..
Ex Tax: $241.63
Combustion Boat(105 mm x 22 mm x 14.5 mm)
L x W x H: 105 mm x 22 mm x 14.5 mm. The combustion boat is widely used in lab..
Ex Tax: $9.85
ITO Glass (50mmx50mmx1.1mm, unpolished, 20Ω/sq)
L x W x H: 50mm x 50mm X 1.1 mm; sheet resistance: 20 Ω/sq. Unpolished   ..
Ex Tax: $9.50
100mm x25mm x 100micron diffused Silicon wafers; n/p type
100mm x 25mm x 100 micron diffused mono-silicon wafers. n/p type ..
Ex Tax: $9.99
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