Patterned ITO Glass

Patterned ITO Coating, Indium Tin Oxide

Xumatic Inc can offer patterning of ITO in the following formats


ITOGLASS ITO coated soda lime float glass 
bullet ITO-PET 50 ohms/sq, on 175 micron thick polyester film
bullet Custom produced ITO on a variety of substrates, including polycarbonate, acrylic , and special glasses with a range of sheet resistances.
bullet FTO coated glass


A specialized pattern masking process is used which allows us to offer quantities

ranging from small scale prototyping and research and development requirements to

full scale production volumes. Patterns can be produced from engineering drawings or directly from data files.


The process limitations are

bullet Maximum patterning area 350 x 350 mm
bullet Minimum feature dimension 20 µm
bullet Minimum spacing 150 µm
bullet Positioning accuracy 100 µm

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Patterned ITO Glass (25mmx25mmx1.1mm, polished, 20Ω/sq, simple pattern)
L x W x H: 25mm x 25mm X 1.1mm; sheet resistance: 20 Ω/sq. Polished   ..
Ex Tax: $7.20
FTO Glass (100mmx150mmx1.8mm, <10Ω/sq, )
L x W x H: 100mm x 150mm X 1.8mm; sheet resistance: <10 Ω/sq.   ..
Ex Tax: $99.99
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