Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets

XuMatic offers various sputtering targets including cylindrical, planar, rectanglar, and rotary targets for R&D and industrial PV production. CIGS, CZTS, CuGa, CuInGa, CuIn,In, In2Se3, In2S3, ZnSe Mo, ZnS, ITO and AZO targets are widely used to fabricate CIGS and CZTS thin film solar cells in the lab of colleges as well as companies. Our engineers and technicians have many years of experience in the targets manufacuturing, semiconducting and photovoltaic research enabling our products to achieve high performance. Xumatic utilize various processes for different target materials. For low melting point materials, we have developed casting processes which carefully control micro structure and uniformity, both necessary for superior sputtering performance. Xumatic's casting process produces high purity, small grain size, void free sputtering targets.

Besides, we offer high quality a series of Mo targets including planar targets L x W x,Th (6-20mm) ;disc targets 1"-25", rotary targets diameter 120mm-180mm, L up to 1200mm.

We also offer planar tungsten targets, thickess from 6mm to 20mm, purity up to 99.995%; we can customize to meet your requirements.

 Xumatic is continuously perfecting existing processes and developing new ones to meet the challenge of the rapidly changing materials needs in the markets we serve.



The display here is not our full listing which we supply.  If you have special requirements, no matter how unusual, we would welcome the opportunity to review your specifications.

The size of disc targets: Diameter: 1", 2", 3", 4" and 6"; thickness: 1/4" and 1/8"

The size of rotary targets: Diameter: 3"-6"; length: 12"-65";thickness: 1/8"-1/2'

The size of planar rectangle targets: up to 60" x 15"

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AZO (ZnO:Al2O3 2wt%) sputtering  target bonded with Cu backing plate
Size; dia 3" x th 1/8"; purity 99.99%; AZO (ZnO:Al2O3 2wt%) sputtering  target bonded with C..
Ex Tax: $799.99
ZnO/Ga2O3 (97.5:2.5wt%) target
Size: dia 3" x th 1/4", purity: 99.99% ..
Ex Tax: $599.00
AZO (ZnO:Al2O3 2wt%) target
Size; dia 3" x th 1/4"; purity 99.99% ..
Ex Tax: $399.85
Al Target
Size; dia 3" x 1/4"; purity: 99.99% ..
Ex Tax: $100.00
CuGa (80:20wt%) Target
CuGa target is widely used to fabricate CuInGaSe thin film solar cells. Size: dia 3" xth 1/4" ..
Ex Tax: $485.00
CIGS Rotary Target
Given the focus on the third generation thin film solar energy, XuMatic is dedicating to dev..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Mo Target
Mo target is widely used to deposit electrode for CIGS thin film solar cells. Size: dia 3" x th 1..
Ex Tax: $150.00
Na doped Mo Target
Na doped Mo targets are produced by isostatic pressing; Na content is approximately 3%[wt]. ..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Zn Target
Zn target has many application such as solar cells and semiconductor,. Size; dia 3" x th 1/4..
Ex Tax: $149.00
Mo coated glass
Mo coated glass, size: 2" x 2" x1/8", Mo thichkness: 500-800nm, sheet resistance <1 ohm/sq ..
Ex Tax: $41.00
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