Solar Materials

XuMatic is featuring various materials dedicated to developing the thin film solar cells by means of nanotechnology. The major materials embrace CIGS family materials, sputtering materials, evaporation materials, electronic-grade and solar grade circle, square and rectangle Silicon wafers, and various substrates/wafers. They can be widely used to fabricate thin film solar cells in lab, R&D center, institutes and company. Our teams offer you not only high quality products but thorough technology consulting as well. Let XuMatic connect you to the future of solar!


Materials for Thin Film Solar Energy Application
Applications Solar Cells Main Materials(Targets, Evaporational Materials, Powders, etc)

Thin Film

Solar Industry and labs

a-Si AZO, GZO, ZnO, Ag, Ag-Alloy, Al, Si, NiV, Ni
CIGS Mo, CuInGaSe, ZnO, ZnS, CdS, AZO, In, ITO, Al, Ni, CuGa, CuInGa, ZnOMg, MgF2, ITiO
CdTe Mo, CdS, SnO2, NiV, ZnO, Cr, Ti, Al


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156mm x156mm x 650micron mono-Silicon wafers; one side polished
156mm x156mm x 650micron mono-Silicon wafers; one side polished ..
Ex Tax: $14.99
100mm x50mm x 100micron Silicon wafers
100mm x 50mm x 100 micron mono-silicon wafers. ..
Ex Tax: $8.99
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