Multi-Zone Furnaces

 XuMatic is manufacturing various vacuum tube furnaces, which are widely used  to grow diverse nanostructures including nanowires, nanotubes and thin films. Multi-zone furnaces are also utilized to anneal and selenize thin film. Price listed here is valid for USA and customer who can check out from on-line by credit card only.  All Xumatic furnaces are CE certified

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XY-1200-OTF-2-Zone Tube Furnace
XY multi-heating zone Tube furnace series are widely used to selenize CIGS thin film for..
Ex Tax: $6,490.00
XY-1200NT-Vacuum Tube Furnace
XY-1200NT-Vacuum Tube Furnace is easy to use and applicable to many scenarios.   ..
Ex Tax: $3,166.00
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