About Us



XuMatic Inc is a high technology company dedicated to developing sputtering targets for thin film solar cells ( including Silicon PV, DSSC, CdTe and Cu(InGa)Se2 ) , touch panel(TP), Low E glass coating and optic coating. Its mission is to design and implement new sputtering materials for various application. 

The spectrum of expertise from the XuMatic team spans  materials science, photovoltaic, semiconductor, microelectronice, touch panel. The highly talented members make the Xumatic team unique and equipped to reach its short-term and long-term goals.

More importantly, our engineers and technicians have worked in various semiconductor coating equipment and materials for many years. We understand the numerous facets and complexities of building materials for PV, TP – our abundant experience allows us to see customers’ needs and to deliver high-quality, building-integrated coating solutions.


We specialize in innovative, industry-leading products and services including:



Our products have a wide range of application. Additionally,we also provide turn-key solutions for vacuum and non-vacuum based CIGS solar panel production and various sputtering targets production. 


To position ourselves as an industry innovator and leader of PV, touch panel and sputtering targets materials, XuMatic will continue to uphold rigorous quality control and the best service in the industry.

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